Jasmine Barker. Black/White. 14.
West Philidelphia born n' raised
Jk. Seattle, Wa.



"Sex sex sex that’s all you want, you fuckin slut"





Friends vs HIMYM

Oh, and the fact that romantic guys fall for students. The womanizers fall for their best friend’s ex. Ross/Ted and Chandler/Marshall were roommates in college. Marshall also has a little bit of Phoebe by believing in the supernatural.

helllllllla similar


holy shit

I go on it occasionally when I feel like I need to vent, which I say is once a month. The one that I mostly go on is, xhodgybeatswife.tumblr.com. So follow that if you still want to see my face. ((((; lol sike, but yeah. okay bye. 

Anonymous: you so funny :)

lol wut

i haven’t posted anything in like a month

gabbie-xo: Happy birthday, Spongebob! I really love you so much<3 Smile for me?.. Please remember I'm always here<3 I'm sorry I can't do anything.. If I could, I would. Just remember I'll always care for you, no matter what happens.. and love you till we're sent to our graves. We'll be berried together just like that episode, okay? I love you super much.. Please stay safe<3 & if you need a place, you know where I live!

thaanks babe. <333

traceykhuc replied to your post: traceykhuc replied to your post: happy birthday!…

nuttin. i just told people to say happy birthday to yu
oh well thank you. <3333
christine-ta: Hey qurl, happy birthday ♥ :D

thaank you christinee. <3 

theycallmewechitta: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3 [:

thaaank youu <3

versacepalmtrees: happy birthday. <3

thaaaaaaank you. <333 

kaathyton: Happy birthday again, Jasi! I love your hair! <3 (:

haha, thank you Kathy! <3 

maangoss: Happy birthdayy!

thank you!

currycats-deactivated20111116-d: i didn't even know..happy birthday.

lol thank you 

Anonymous: happy birthday love!

thaank you.

i don’t really get the point of going on anon. 

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